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20th January

New Parent Return Travel to Home

20th-22nd January
New Student Orientation Camp

23rd January
Returning Students - Boarders
Travel Day

24th January 2017
Term 1 starts
All classes Year 7-12 commence

26th January
Australia Day Public Holiday
All Boarders Outing

6th February
Opening College Mass

15th-17th March
Year 12 Retreat

30th March
End of Term 1 (3pm)



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Mount St Bernard College offers a quality, Catholic secondary education for young people, male and female, in Years 7 through 12.  At MSB we are proud of our Mercy traditions, while remaining responsive to the contemporary needs of students who seek a faith-based education that will stand them in good stead for the future. Catholic Education Office Cairns

Our College is a culturally diverse community which provides a holistic education that nurtures the academic, spiritual, emotional, physical, cultural and social development of individual students in a caring, safe and supportive environment. At MSB we recognise the individuality of every one of our students. We seek to help each student become the best person they can be, by providing quality learning and teaching and making available a rich tapestry of sporting,artistic and other co-curricular activities, to help them discover and develop their personal giftedness.

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Back to School 24th JanuaryCOLLEGE LEADERS FOR 2017
Over the last 2 weeks staff and students have been voting to elect our new college leaders for 2017. I thank all the students who decided to put themselves forward to be considered for a leadership role next year. Courage and commitment are important qualities of leaders and along with a positive sense of justice - all required traits that we encourage our students to strive for. I certainly believe that our chosen leaders for 2017 display all of these positive qualities. Congratulations to the following students on their election to MSB Leadership for 2017.

College Captains: Dale and Sylvia, Sport: Jack and Toby, Faith and College Life: Wallace and Elaine, Culture and Community: Sarah, Boarding: Daniel and Deborah

2017 College Leaders   College Leaders 2017

Mount St Bernard College is a school of harmony. We embrace students from many cultures and many areas across Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory. We recognize the abundant potential that exists for all students and extend and embrace their presence and involvement at every opportunity. Take our new leaders for example – representation from Yorke Island, Elcho Island, PNG, Ravenshoe, Mareeba, Wujul Wujul, Moa Island and Hopevale.

Our staff and students compete constructively and try to resolve conflicts if ever they arise with patience, tolerance, and communication.

Humanity is a team, and our team is the MSB school community and we recognize that people have individual lifestyle preferences when it comes to many things. We encourage and generate the grateful awareness that all children are equal and valued equally and we allow our thoughts to wish perpetually every person more life, more happiness, more success, more love, and more enlightenment.

Love for self, humanity and the Universe based on the inherent and growing richness of each is the key to an integrated connection with others who also have the opportunity to appreciate these fundamentals of existence to allow for an enduring happiness, fairness and equality. This is the MSB community and one to be proud of.

We seek to enjoy life and school - and seek to allow others to do the same.

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