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Principal of MSB
David Finch - Principal

Welcome to Mount St Bernard College and the 2018 school year. Our College has a proud 98 year history of offering holistic Catholic Education in the Mercy tradition in a co-educational Year 7-12 boarding and day school environment.

The College community operates on three core values – Respect, Participation and Effort.  As a member of the MSB Community you are making a commitment to practise these values in all you say and do.

Respect - respect firstly for ourselves, respect for each other and respect for the environment we live and work in.

Participation – being a member of the College community is about participating in things that are going on, whether it is simply looking after your own things or friends or being on a schools sports team.

Effort – success for each student is personal best. Students are encouraged to do their best in every aspect of their life at the College from class work, to homework, to everyday school interaction and participation.

Academically, the College strives to cultivate intellectual values in a wide range of disciplines. We promote in students a sense of integrity, respect for truth, openness and positive virtues. We encourage and value excellence in all our endeavours. We acknowledge the important role of parents in the education of their children and recognize the significance of a positive and active co-relation between home and school.

Mount St Bernard College is a school of harmony. We embrace students from many cultures and many areas across Far North Queensland, the Torres Strait, Tablelands and the Northern Territory. We recognize the abundant potential that exists for all students and extend and embrace their presence and involvement at every opportunity. Our staff and students compete constructively and try to resolve conflicts if ever they arise with patience, tolerance, and communication.

Humanity is a team, and our team is the MSB school community and we recognise that people have individual lifestyle preferences when it comes to many things.  We encourage and generate the grateful awareness that all children are equal and valued equally and we allow our thoughts to wish perpetually every person more life, more happiness, more success, more love, and more enlightenment.

Love for self, humanity and the Universe based on the inherent and growing richness of each is the key to an integrated connection with others who also have the opportunity to appreciate these fundamentals of existence to allow for an enduring happiness, fairness and equality. This is the MSB community and one to be proud of.

We seek to enjoy life and school - and seek to allow others to do the same.

“My aim is to encourage the individual student to aspire to reach positive and rewarding goals. To become familiar with and able to embrace the wonderful opportunities a Catholic education provides. To contribute to a Catholic school community in a way which reflects the true calling of Jesus.” – aiming to achieve the qualities of Respect, Participation and Effort.

Please peruse our website or Facebook page and the information it provides. If you have any questions please contact the College on 4096 1444 or email the individual staff member you wish to contact.

David Finch


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